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VIVE & AVAYA Financial Services offer customized financial options that are catered based on your budgetary needs.

Why Does Leasing Makes Sense?

Sustains Their Competitive Edge

Our customers’ businesses change almost daily. New competitors, new market forces, new financial strains, new organizational structures all add up to a need for flexibility. When our customers select new technology, they often wonder if it will be replaced by a faster, more powerful alternative next year, or even next month. Leasing helps them avoid the risks of ownership because they pay only for the use of the equipment. When our customers’ lease expires, they can buy the equipment, trade it in for the latest technology, or simply walk away (depending on the type of lease they choose). With leasing, we put a technological “safety net” in place, for our customers, so their competitive edge is never dulled by the process of moving up to faster, larger, or different equipment.

Conserves Capital

Leasing lets our customers keep capital free for investment or other business expenses instead of tying it up in fixed assets. Profits from these investments offset the cost of the lease — our customers don’t have to own an asset to make money using it.

Generates Profits

Our customers can reinvest the cash they conserve into inventory or new marketing promotions — investments that can bring real profits to their businesses.

Preserves Existing Credit Lines

Leasing gives our customers a new source of credit for present and future needs, while their existing bank lines remain intact for other uses.

100% Financing

Unlike bank loans, leasing means no down payment, no deposits, and no required compensating balances in most cases. Installation, wiring, maintenance, taxes, shipping charges, and even software costs may be included in your monthly payment.

Tax Advantages

Leasing offers important tax benefits that reduce your cost of obtaining equipment. Depending on the type of lease you choose, you may be able to write off the entire monthly payment as an operating expense or capitalize the outlay.*

Budgeting Advantages

Leasing guarantees a fixed monthly payment amount for the length of the lease term, so it’s easy for you to forecast your equipment expenses. It also gives you the flexibility to obtain unplanned-for-equipment — operating budgets may easily accommodate a monthly payment, but capital budgets often can’t be stretched to allow for an outright purchase.

Pay as They Go, Not Up Front

With leasing, you pay for equipment as you enjoy the benefits of using it.

Perfect Solution for Expanding Businesses

You deserve access to the latest equipment and technology. Leasing protects you from being locked into owning equipment that may not meet your future needs. You will have the flexibility to upgrade to the newest releases, features and functionality as they become available. Leasing is often the financing solution of choice for businesses that hesitate to buy equipment because they fear it will become obsolete before they can fully depreciate it.

Our leasing programs can be a common-sense complement to an existing bank relationship. Cash or working capital may be the ideal way to meet daily and short-term business needs, such as paying suppliers, meeting a payroll, or dealing with a business emergency. But working capital isn’t ideal for funding longer-term assets like equipment. Take a look:


Noncancelable contract extending over a fixed term


  • 100% financing, including installation, wiring, taxes, and software
  • Conserves capital
  • Preserves bank lines
  • Flexible terms
  • Hedge against inflation
  • Obsolescence protection
  • Fixed lease term and payments
  • Full use of equipment without ownership
  • Creates new credit source
  • Easy add-on / upgrade


  • Noncancelable agreement

Bank Loan

Repaid in regular installments


  • Direct ownership
  • Depreciation
  • Appropriate when bank lines remain untapped or there is a loan covenant requirement


  • Capitalizes equipment
  • Relatively short term, usually 24 or 36 months
  • Extensive documentation
  • Covenant restrictions
  • Exhausts credit lines
  • No obsolescence protection
  • May require compensating balances (usually 20% or more of the loan amount), down payment, and/or origination fee
  • Variable interest rate could rise

Cash Purchase

Use working capital for acquisition


  • No finance charges
  • Direct ownership
  • Depreciation


  • Depletes cash reserves
  • Reduces investment leverage
  • No hedge against inflation
  • No obsolescence protection

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