Earn the respect and loyalty of your customers with

Enhanced Customer Experience

Strengthen everyday interactions across all contact points on the customer journey by allowing consumers to select how they connect.


Earn customer loyalty by being better

Solve Problems Quickly

Breakthrough features like interactive voice response allows your agents to be proactive, act swiftly and win.

Analyze Calls & Improve

Get incredibly data driven metrics and call recordings that create awareness and generate positive feedback loops.

Automate Your Business

Answer questions with perfectly scripted auto attendants and cut off repetitive issues via SMS or chat-bots.


Choose Your Channel

Customer service is one of the most important functions within any business, and it’s essential that you have a strategy in place to drive higher first contact resolutions.

In order to foster an environment where employees feel supported in dealing with difficult situations it helps to allow all customers to reach your company using their preferred channel.

By providing multiple options for customers to access customer service you can proactively address any potential frustration or roadblocks experienced when waiting in a call queue.


Tools to Succeed

Employees need the right tools to meet each and every customer request.

Without the proper tools, it can be difficult for employees to provide the best possible service to customers. Unfortunately, incorrect or incomplete customer data is a common problem that businesses face.

Take advantage of chat-bots and IVR (interactive voice response) platforms, which simulate human conversation and can automatically generate responses based on given questions or have their words converted into text transcripts.

Adding a rich contextual CRM integration provides your team the data needed to act fast.


Seamless Connections For Your Team

Vive’s mobility app supports real-time engagement by integrating voice, video, data, messaging, conferencing, mobility, and more.

Instantly boost productivity by using the seamless connectivity of desktop or mobile apps.

Grow all aspects of your customer experience by enabling employees the flexibility and features that unified communications can provide.


Improved Customer & Employee Interactions

Create stronger customer connections by setting up your employees for success from the start.

Couple this with a clear path for your customers to communicate with your team and you will deliver a superior customer experience every time.

Add in a rich contextual CRM integrations and customers and deliver a better experience.

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Measure Performance

Anticipate customer needs by analyzing call metrics and making the appropriate adjustments.

Check your hold times, response times, any channel roadblocks and take the appropriate actions to clear potential bottlenecks.

Customer Interaction

Get to know your customers on a whole new level.  Keep track of every interaction you have with your company.

Understand what works and what doesn’t so you can provide solutions on-time, every time.

Skills Based Routing

Direct calls with purpose using a routing strategy that highlights common employee skills.
  • response time
  • expertise
  • comprehension
  • language preference

Business Redundancy

Ensuring a high standard is extremely important when you want to deliver quality customer service.

Software for call center management provides solutions that can be used to significantly improve the performance of employees.

Vive Communications is available for us 24/7, they are responsive and we value our relationship with them. They excel in every area and handle all our needs with extreme urgency and care.”

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