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Finally… a single solution to fit all communication needs.  Remove the physical burden of on-site PBX hardware.

Connect your office, remote, and mobile workers to a single system.  Collaborate from anywhere on any device.

Meetings & Conferencing


Calls & Messaging


VoIP Business Communications Anywhere, Anytime

Basic Seat




  • Team messaging and collaboration
  • Toll-free or local number
  • 1,000 toll-free minutes/month
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Unlimited video conferencing
          (up to 4 people per meeting)

Pro Seat




  • Team messaging
  • Toll-free or local number
  • 10,000 toll-free minutes/month
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Automatic call recording
  • Unlimited video conferencing (up to 200 people per meeting)
  • Unlimited calls within the US/CA**

Starter Seat




  • Team messaging and collaboration
  • Toll-free or local number
  • 1,000 toll-free minutes/month
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Unlimited video conferencing
          (up to 4 people per meeting)
All the features you need and more.

Breakthrough VoIP business features at your fingertips

Work Anywhere Without Missing a Beat

Increase productivity and job satisfaction, but also improves work-life balance and allow for greater flexibility and cost savings for both employees and employers.

Interactive Voice Response Saves Time

An IVR system can improve customer experience and streamline operations by allowing callers to interact with a computerized system and access information or perform tasks without the need for human assistance.

CRM Integration

By giving agents access to real-time caller information and removing the need for manual data entry, PBX and CRM integration will enhance customer service and operational effectiveness.

Real-Time Metrics

Our cutting-edge data analytics system provides real-time insights into the functionality of your VoIP network, enabling you to improve conversation quality and swiftly resolve problems.
Need Even More Features?

Take advantage of our unrivaled feature set

Disaster Recovery

Network failure, weather related incidents or malware attacks are a just a few of the disruptions a business can face.

A Hosted VoIP phone system is the step in the right direction for businesses to avoid catastrophe.

Conference Bridges

By exploiting a hosted conference bridge, such as the Vive Cloud Office you can get all the power, redundancy, features and service that would be exorbitant if brought in-house.

Call Center Agents

Ensuring a high standard is extremely important when you want to deliver quality customer service.

Software for call center management provides solutions that can be used to significantly improve the performance of employees.

Call Center & Call Recording

Business continuity distinguishes cloud-based contact centers from on-premise based solutions, which are prone to hardware failures that result in down-times.

Web Audio and Video Collaboration

It’s important for companies to adopt modern work practices and technologies that help co-workers, wherever they may be, share their work in a simple and efficient way.

This is where a good online collaboration tool comes in.

Music or Messaging On Hold

Combining speech and music in a custom on-hold service or on-hold message provides all the things needed for customer satisfaction with very few drawbacks.

Mobile Apps & Softphones

Instead of using a cell phone, the software ‘turns’ your computer into a phone.

Some VoIP providers have partnerships with other companies that create proprietary mobile VoIP apps, which you can then use with the first company’s VoIP service.

Online Admin Portal

Modifications and program editing can be very time consuming, so just by provider and access anywhere approach you can mitigate potential lull times.

Voicemail to Text Transcription

With voice mail transcription, you don’t have to call your voice mail and you don’t have to open the .wav file. You open your email, read your voice mail and decide what action you want to take next.

Why should your company invest in a cloud pbx?

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

Fantastic Cost Savings

Avoid traditional phone line costs and long distance fees by using the internet to make and receive calls.

Additionally, VoIP makes it possible to use free features like auto-attendants, voicemail to email, and call recording.

As a consequence, it boosts output and effectiveness, making it a smart investment for any company trying to save expenses and enhance communication.

Plug and Play Simplicity

Our VoIP phone system is designed to make the transition from traditional phone service to VoIP seamless and easy.

With our user-friendly interface and on-site training, even those with limited technical experience can get up and running quickly.

Our team is also available to provide support and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter during the setup process.

24/7 Remote Support & System Programming

Don’t let your phone system hold your business back. Our company offers 24/7 remote support and system programming that ensures your phone system is always up and running.

This level of support is something that the big providers do not offer.

Our experienced technicians are available to assist you with any issues or questions you may have, no matter the time of day.

Plus, we provide remote programming services to customize your phone system to your specific business needs at no additional cost!

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