9 Advantages of Cloud Based Phone Systems That Will Grow Your Business (Today).

Cloud Based Phone Systems are Here to Stay

Today you’re going to learn about the incredible upside inherent in cloud based phone systems.

Changing your entire communications platform may seem daunting at first but it’s important to realize, the amazing upside should negate any concerns. 

In fact:

The Cloud PBX Market is expected to grow to $20.83 Billion by 2023.

Most importantly, these are the same features that our customers both big and small are taking advantage of right now. 

  1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Improved Security Enhancements
  3. Disaster Recovery & Redundancy
  4. Rich Unified Communications Features
  5. Mobility & Remote Worker Focused
  6. Easily Scalable Up or Down
  7. Increased Business Agility
  8. Strengthens Company Uniformity
  9. Improved Customer Service

1.) Hit Your Goals with a Lower TCO by Virtue of Cloud Based Phone Systems

Each day that you hold onto your legacy equipment it’s value decreases.  In all likelihood it has already lost all its value.  Above all, cloud based phone systems mitigate technology obsolesce.

Moreover, the implementation of a cloud based phone system means eliminating up front hardware and cap ex costs.

In short, there are obvious upfront savings with cloud based VoIP for business but the additional reduction in IT/Ops administrative costs coupled with improved productivity should definitely influence your migration decision.

It’s time to rethink the out of date hardware.

old telephone which should be replaced with a cloud based phone systems

My equipment works fine, why should I upgrade?

It’s essential to consider the calculations that allow you to assess the cost to purchase, own and maintain technology in your business.

Maintenance: Vive is responsible for all maintenance on the hosted server, completely offloading the burden of maintenance from you,  the client.

Assessment: With a Vive Cloud Solution you receive cloud capabilities with an SLA (service level agreement) of 95% or higher.

Customization: Sign up for as little or much hosted capacity and capabilities as you need. We will work with you to develop a hosted package that suits the needs of your business.

Data backup: Data created on a hosted server is automatically backed-up, and the client is guaranteed access to their data whenever they need it.

Remove the constraints rooted in outdated infrastructure.

Here’s a few more reasons to switch to a Vive Cloud Solution today. 


List of benefits of cloud based phone system

2.) Stay on Track with Improved Security Enhancements

Due to their singular location, on premise phone systems are extremely vulnerable to everything from human error to natural disasters.

On the other hand, with cloud based phone systems you can stay on track knowing that Vive uses several layers of enterprise-class security measures to keep our clients data safe.

The costs of having your cloud data hacked can be costly, financially as well as socially.

list of security enhancements on cloud based phone systems

Why harbor the risk when you don’t have to? 

Vive offers dedicated data management and monitoring. In addition, by using the cloud, data backup is easier and safer. Important information is stored in various locations so your data is protected against corruptions, loss, and disaster.

Certainly, a disaster recovery plan can make or break your business.

List of disaster recovery benefits by switching to cloud based phone system

 3.) Disaster Recovery & Redundancy Allows You To Focus on What Matters Most. 

Natural or man-made disasters will easily bring down your phone system, even when not the primary target.

That is to say, you need the phones to respond when disaster strikes and a plan of action should something happen to the phone system itself.

Disaster Recovery: Things to Consider

  1. Automatic Failover
  2. Backup Plans for VOIP
  3. Backup for Internet Connectivity
  4. Voip Monitoring Systems

What happens if one of the data centers loses power?

Are calls automatically routed to the others?

How quickly can they notify us when something goes wrong?

A Vive Cloud Solution will answer all these questions so you know exactly where you stand should a crisis happen. 


cloud based backup

As a business, you need to make sure your people and data are protected as well as your phones!

Until recently, the only way to ensure you were protected was to duplicate all of your systems and implement a complex disaster recovery plan.

Another key point is that both of those require significant investments in equipment and infrastructure, which is why many businesses choose to roll the dice and hope for the best.

To sum up, Vive’s disaster recovery is a cheaper and much more efficient solution. Cloud based phone systems have greatly advanced system recovery and business continuity in the face of an outage.

4.) Get More From Your Team with Rich UC

Unified Communications are a quickly growing phenomenon worldwide. They allow individuals and businesses to connect in unprecedented ways.

Empower your employees by offering the ability to access rich communication features regardless of location or type of device they’re using.

In 2019, unified communication benefits operate across fixed, wireless and mobile environments to support flexible working practices.

bring your own devices with a cloud based phone system

In the same vein, you can engage with customers through any channel while maintaining the same, seamless experience.

For Instance, here’s a few unified communication features your employees can access as needed:

  •  Collaboration – The need for seamless communication across widespread geographic locations and multiple channels has never been more important.
  •  Presence– This feature enables individuals to manage their availability and make better communication decisions.
  •  Unified Messaging – The integration of voicemail, fax, email, instant messaging and other electronic media used for messaging users.
  •  Mobility – Given the rapid increase in the mobile workforce and the “bring-your-own-device” trend, support for mobile technology is especially critical for today’s UC platforms.
  • Softphones – Having multiple ways to make a call, including traditional deskphones, softphones, or mobile phones, is a plus since it allows users to accommodate their best work-style and preferences.
  •  Integrated Call Center – Call centers are designed for the typical high-volume traffic that other UC systems may not be, and also include the ability to manage various agents, track customer interactions with your company, and monitor calls with an additional layer of detail.
enhanced unified communications with cloud based phone systems

5.) Improved Mobility & Remote Workforce So You Can Hit Your Goals

The advancement of technology continues to bring forth a huge change in the nature of the evolution of business.

For example, cloud based phone systems grant you full system functionality so long as there is internet service available. 

Why limit functionality when away from the office?

enhanced mobility with a cloud based phone system

The latest version of Vive’s app for iOS and Android devices lets you place calls over VoIP, basically as if you were in the office.  Therefore you can send and receive text messages, coordinate conference calls and access all the phone features your mobile workforce needs to get the job done. 

Thus, location in no longer a barrier to productivity. Undeniably, a cloud PBX decentralizes your home base and offers access from anywhere for your remote workforce.

mobile apps compatible with cloud based phone systems

6.) Easily Grow (or Shrink) At a Pace That Suits You

Your business phone system can grow as you grow.  You can also quickly and easily remove users and enable/disable features with the click of a button.

Furthermore, gone are the days of having to wait in long queue lines for the simplest of administrative changes.

With a cloud based phone system you can eliminate the on-site tech time that would previously hinder operations and cost a small fortune.

New phone models available with cloud based phone systems

In addition, with a cloud-based phone system, businesses can add as many extensions as they need to accommodate a spike in seasonal call volume.  In contrast, businesses can also disable lines and extensions in their virtual phone system for the slow season as needed. 

There is no longer the need to be forced to pay for features and services that your business does not need.  Pay only for what you use, when you use it.  All things considered, this type of control is a major factor pushing businesses of all sizes to explore a cloud based phone service.

software interface for cloud based phone systems

As shown above, this type of flexibility will reduce the total cost of ownership and provide unprecedented flexibility to control your business as you see fit.

What’s more is that this functionality is available with virtually all VoIP based phone systems for business of all sizes.

In other words, it’s time to take advantage.

“Get our Free Dial Tone Analysis and explore money saving opportunities!”

7.) Increased Business Agility Allows You to Get More Done Everyday

Small businesses are always in search of ways to better understand and meet customer needs while remaining on budget and adhering to the core principles of the company. 

Interactions between individuals and groups often take the form of meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions and are key drivers of the innovation necessary to drive adaptability and therefore business agility.

When multi channel collaboration leads to decision making businesses clear themselves from the bureaucracy that tends to bog businesses down.

Why restrict your employees if you don’t have to?

Wouldn’t you rather put your employees in a position to succeed?

A small investment in cloud based technology can provide exponential benefits to companies of any size. 

Pro TIP: The Future is Now!

  1. AI will shape future correspondence
  2. API’s are allowing any device to communicate
  3. Collaboration is done on the fly, anywhere
  4. Functionality follows you everywhere

Want to see how you can leverage this functionality to grow your business.  Vive offers a risk free, no commitment free dial tone analysis to identify opportunities for cost savings.

By opening up the lines of communications across the company you can get instant team feedback and share in the evolution of your employees customer service skills. 

8.) Cloud Based Phone Systems Strengthen Company Uniformity

Chances are if you’re a small company you are not in the position to hire a dedicated IT staff for your company.

On the other hand, when you allow Vive to standardize the workflow across the depth of your business you will immediately benefit from an increased understanding and appreciation of the technology you have embraced.

That is to say, when employees have access to the same tools regardless of location or job type it creates a sense of uniformity and team building that leads to a stronger, happier workforce.

company uniformity enhanced by cloud based phone system

Most small companies don’t have a dedicated IT staff.  Consequently,  a few willing employees get designated to fight the uphill battle of trying to understand the nuances of their phone system.

In short, this is simply inefficient and a waste of time and becomes counterproductive in creating a homogeneous workforce. 

a happy homogenous workforce by virtue of a cloud based phone system

Enjoy the benefits of improved performance and stability and enjoy new features as they become available.

Save thousands by featuring cloud telephony solutions that allow your employees to collaborate like never before.

9.) Cloud Based Phone Systems will Improve Customer Service

With the ability to seamlessly blend A.I., Auto Attendants, voice directives and live interactions the modern phone systems is all about the customer experience.

Most importantly, by taking a customer first approach you will automatically be setting up your employees to succeed.

For example, when an office is able to become efficient at what they do by removing any unwanted variables out of the call routing equation customers as well as employees reap the benefits.

advanced auto attendant routing with cloud based phone system

The movement is happening, whether you choose to make the transition sooner rather than later is up to you.

Hardware and infrastructure are unnecessary expenses and burdens that stunt the growth of small businesses.


The concept of the office space has taken on an incredible new meaning with the influx of new technology.

Level the playing field for your employees and enable them to be the best version of themselves.

Call us today to learn more!

Contact our team of experts who are excited to show you how making a switch to a hosted phone system can transform your business.

Where do you want your company to be in the coming years? 

Let Vive engineers show you how your company can take advantage of the full functionality of your IP based phone system and start empowering your employees and serving your customers.

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