Best Reasons to Switch to a Hosted Phone System [Today]

A Hosted Phone System is a Smart Choice

Take a look at the article below to learn everything you need to know about the irrefutable benefits of a hosted phone system.

If you want to save money and position your company to grow into the future then you’re in the right place.

Without further ado…

Here are the best reasons to switch to a hosted phone system. 

  1. Implementation is cheap, quick and easy
  2. OpEx model
  3. Lower setup costs
  4. No maintenance costs
  5. Provider shoulders risk
  6. Scale up or down with ease
  7. Software updates automatically, always
  8. Free up critical IT resources
  9. Unrivaled mobility and global collaboration

1.) Cloud Implementation is Cheap, Quick and Easy

As any business knows, having technicians on-site disrupting your workplace to install an on-premise phone system can quickly become a complete debacle.


If you don’t have to put up with this inconvenience why would you?

Let Vive secure your hosted phone system in our geo-redundant data center and feature VoIP phones for business.

Even if you have existing corded phones or conference phones you can still configure these to work with a Vive solution.


Use your existing broadband connection to transform your physical nightmare into a virtual dream.

Immediately reap the benefits of your hosted phone system and see the incredible cost savings derived from the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere via SIP Trunking.


Statistic about savings from a hosted phone system

Get off the ground and get your business running in the cloud to see the ongoing perks of our next reason…

2.) The OpEx Model

Remove the need for hefty upfront investments and instead replace them with predictable monthly fees.


Diagram about opex vs capex expense model

If your company does not build, maintain nor operate your communications platform then why waste capital expenses doing so?

Leave it up to the team at Vive Communications since we are full service solutions provider and specialize in phone systems for small business.


List of savings derived from a switching to a hosted phone system

The cloud based OpEx model can provide significant savings, near infinite agility and compelling ROI.

Managing finances becomes much easier with the OpEx model and eliminates upfront costs and unknown future costs.


business agility

3.) Lower Setup Costs for a Cloud Based PBX

Since there is no wire rerouting a hosted phone systems can be setup fast and easy.

infographic regarding savings from a hosted phone system

There is no disruption to business and the transition to a cloud based platform can be done almost instantaneously behind the scenes.

The cloud pbx model lends itself to lower setup costs which reduce the strain on internal resources.


google trends for hosted phone systems

Upfront, unknown costs can set a company back months and when they finally do get caught up financially, the next reason is sure to keep them in the black.


4.) No Maintenance Costs

It’s all too easy for an employee to damage your office phone systems on-site.

Unforeseen lightning or water damage is a also a real threat that has completely destroyed many company’s lines of communication without warning.

Avoid all this by virtualizing your equipment in the cloud.


If the Internet is down there are options to ensure business continuity.

Re-route phone lines to a mobile number or build a dedicated fall back plan for your business with a Vive Cloud Solution.

Most of all, understand that there is a solution out there to safeguard against unexpected costs.  Our team of engineers in well versed in configuring VoIP hosted solutions of all sizes.


infographic about selecting a phone system type

Furthermore, let us do what we do best and mitigate any potential risk factors.

Free yourself from cumbersome equipment that quickly becomes obsolete in a constantly evolving technological field.

5.) Provider Shoulders Risk

An especially relevant benefit of a hosted phone system is that Vive is responsible for constant up-time.

If any of our nodes goes down your VoIP business phones will be backed up in any number of our geo-redundant data centers.

Why harbor the risk when you don’t have to?


Unless you’re the type of business that can do everything on your own and are prepared for the chaos that can be caused by human error…


Don’t leave your employees nor customers in the dark.  Gone are the days where the phone vendor would set it and forget it.

Protect yourself by being smart and most of all position your company to adapt to the demands of a constantly changing workforce.


Focus your resources on revenue generating tasks and allow your business to grow to the next level.

6.) Scale a Hosted Phone System with Ease

If you are part of a growing business then you cannot afford to be without a hosted phone system.

Typically when hosted pbx providers configure hosted telephony for your environment you’ll find that it’s almost always built at max capacity.

The seemingly simple task of adding one employee can require additional equipment, on-site time, business disruption and a myriad of other potential problems and costs.


 cloud allows you to easily scale up or down feaures or employees by virtue of a simple software change.

The possibilities implicit to this functionality grants businesses the freedom and flexibility to grow as they see fit.


This a major factor that is pushing companies of all sizes to a hosted phone system.

Take control back by removing the constraints of your outdated and underutilized infrastructure.

“See how our Private Cloud Solution worked for a local mortgage company”

7.) Software Updates Automatically, Always

As any owner of a smart phone knows, software updates and patches are unavoidable.

Software vendors are in constant flux having to stay in step hardware restraints and consumer demand.

By not updating your software you run the risk of vulnerabilities creeping into your communications platform.


Why continue to pay for manual upgrades to keep your software current?

Automate the process with a hosted phone system that systematically updates when the next patch becomes available.

Pro TIP: Stay Informed on your product road map

  1. Updates protect against new found security risks
  2. They introduce new features for your system
  3. Software updates can improve performance speed
  4. They extend your equipments usable life
  5. Updates fix bugs in the software and improve functionality


Vive engineers ensure that your system is secure when hosted within our data center.

Save thousands by staying current, in compliance and in control of your current communications platform.

8.) Free Up Critical IT Resources

For those companies that are fortunate enough to have a dedicated IT staff you can understand how quickly they can become engrossed in issues of varying degrees and from all angles.

By allowing Vive to control your hosted phone system, your IT staff can focus on revenue generating activities.


Most small companies don’t have a dedicated IT staff.  Instead a few knowledgeable employees get designated to fight the uphill battle of trying to understand the nuances of their business phones.

This is simply inefficient and a waste of time.  Let the expert team at Vive do what they do best and free up critical IT resources.


Enjoy the benefits of improved performance and stability and enjoy new features as they become available.

Save thousands by optimizing the workflow of your employees and internal resources alike.

9.) Unrivaled Mobility and Global collaboration

As long as there is a connection to the cloud you can mobilize your workforce in way that was never before possible.

Most noteworthy is that your employees have access to all the services and features your company needs to stay productive regardless of location.

A new global, mobilized workforce is now free from the restraints of traditional hardware, instead empowered by the flexibility of the cloud.


The movement is happening, whether you choose to make the transition sooner rather than later is up to you.

Hardware and infrastructure are unnecessary expenses and burdens that stunt the growth of small businesses.


The concept of the office space has taken on an incredible new meaning with the influx of new technology.

Hit the play button to see some of the collaboration tools now available in your market space today.


10.) BONUS #1: Disaster Recovery

The cloud greatly extends disaster recovery options, yields significant cost savings and affords small companies the capabilities that were previously only available to larger businesses.


Down time for any company whether big or small can cripple your bottom line.

Surprisingly, most companies do not have a contingency plan in place so when an unseen event does occur (which it most likely will) they have to scramble for a fix.

Obviously this can be incredibly costly and adversely affect customer satisfaction.

With a hosted phone system the recovery plan is already in place and can be replicated instantly as a mirror image.


11.) BONUS #2: No Vendor Lock-in

Your business needs are constantly evolving so is the technology that supports those needs.

Since there is no vendor lock-in with a hosted phone system your company is afforded the flexibility to choose the VoIP phone service that is the best fit for your environment.

Cloud Based Phone Systems Feature List
Cloud Based Phone Systems Models

The growing number of vendors in the cloud space is rapidly growing. At Vive we are partnered with the nations leading vendors and are experienced in finding the perfect fit for your environment.

Cloud Based Phone Systems Feature List
Cloud Based Phone Systems Models

Take the next step now!

Contact our team of experts who are excited to show you how making a switch to a hosted phone system can transform your business.

Where do you want your company to be in the coming years? 

Our representatives can provide a network assessment, dial-tone analysis and build a solution that’s a perfect fit for the size, structure and goals of your company.

Go live with Vive today and save money by migrating to a platform that is here to stay.

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