Network Assessment

Understand your infrastructure, assess your environment & discover opportunities

Best Practices

Our engineers will help identify and select the optimal solution for your environment. Once a diagnosis is determined our dedicated team will begin the deployment phase.

Don’t let bandwidth constraints inhibit the growth of your company. Determine if your monthly usage costs validate your current ROI or if your IT consumptions could benefit from a solution such as the cloud.

We can monitor every aspect of your local area network (LAN) or (WAN) and provide the necessary infrastructure solutions to get you up to speed.

Gauge Consumption 

Key Features

VIVE will help your business grasp the status of your current infrastructure

Our comprehensive network assessment will set your business up for any future projects or intiatives that are launched.


Improve Performance

Alerts are sent to customer contacts in accordance with their preferences and can include live-agent telephone calls, SMS or email.

Control Costs

Your staff has full access to the state-of-the-art real-time and historical reporting tools leveraged by our support team


Spot ROI Opportunites

We provide you with full administrative access to our monitoring solution, giving you a “window” into your network’s performance


Get a detailed report

Customers can enable attended remote control of any IP-enabled device, anywhere in the world.

Move forward at a pace that's comfortable for you.  Optimize your setup and save money at the same time.  Let Vive show you the way.

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