Ethernet Switches

Extreme Ethernet Switches offer a range of core and access switches, including entry-level Branch Office, premium high-performance Wiring Closet, and Campus Core and Data Center applications. The use of horizontal stacking and switch clustering leads to lower power consumption. Our field-proven ability to produce networks with fewer complex elements helps ensure the highest levels of performance. Extreme Ethernet Switch products employing Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology (FAST) have been refreshed and enhanced to provide even more resiliency and flexibility.

ethernetswitches 2500

Ethernet Routing Switch 2500 Series

The Ethernet Routing Switch 2500 Series is a range of energy-efficient, cost-effective Fast Ethernet switches suitable for branch office and entry-level enterprise wiring closet deployments. It offers advanced QoS, convergence, security, and evolving IP routing capabilities, along with unique-to-class resilient stacking. Software-enabled licensing allows these switches to scale up easily as your business grows.

Features and Benefits

Get the most out of applications
The virtual hot-swap capability that’s unique to this class of products enhances and optimizes application responsiveness.
Maximize performance
These feature-rich products deliver enterprise-class functionality to the small enterprise.
Improve your bottom line
Cost-effective and flexible stacking capabilities ensure a low cost of ownership.

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ethernetswitches 3500

Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series

The Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series offers compact Ethernet switches designed for small and medium enterprises, branch offices, and open environments requiring silent operation. This series of 10 and 24-port model variants delivers high performance, secure, and resilient Ethernet switching. Choose from a range of models that support 10/100 and 10/100/1000 connectivity, PoE, PoE+, fanless operation and 1 GbE uplinks.

Features and Benefits

Reduce noise in open areas
Three fanless models are ideal for placement in locations such as classrooms, boardrooms and retail shops.

Control budgets
Organizations get 100+ enterprise class features, including PoE, PoE+, and a wide range of convergence and security features at price points that fit into tight capital budgets.

Simplify operations
The 3500 Series features one-minute plug and play capabilities for IP phones, automatic QoS provisioning, intuitive GUI management capabilities, and automated deployment options.

Deploy integrated end-to-end solutions
Deploying a 3500 Series in conjunction with Avaya IP Office increases simplicity through auto-detect and auto-provisioning capabilities and automated install features.
Rely on a lifetime warranty
Control costs with a comprehensive warranty that offers complimentary next-business-day shipment to replace failed units, basic Level 1 technical support for the supported lifecycle of the product, and up to Level 3 technical support for the first 90 days after purchase.

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ethernetswitches 4000

Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series

The Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series is designed for enterprise wiring closets and other network edge deployments. This stackable chassis system delivers high performance, secure, and resilient Ethernet switching connectivity. Choose from a range of models that support 10/100 and 10/100/1000 switching and routing, PoE, PoE+, and 10 GbE uplink options.

Features and Benefits

Best-in-class stackable chassis implementation
Pioneered by Avaya more than 12 years ago, our stacking technology delivers three to five times more virtual backplane capacity than leading competitive solutions according to a 2011 Miercom report. In addition, these switches support unit hot swapping without disrupting traffic.

Superior energy efficiency
The Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series products deliver between 20% to 50% more energy efficiency than leading competitive offerings according to a 2011 Miercom report. Avaya switches have been shown in some cases to utilize less power at 100% load capacity than competitive offerings when idle. Our easy-to-use energy management solution helps dim power consumption by an additional 25% during off peak hours.

Improved collaboration
Our Ethernet switches offer a suite of features to help ensure that your network is ready to support new collaboration applications and technologies. These features include support for sophisticated QoS, PoE/PoE+, and plug-and-play capabilities for IP phones.

Support for next-generation edge requirements
Our Ethernet Routing Switch 4800 models deliver future-ready support for advanced Avaya technologies such as network virtualization and wireless integration at the campus edge.

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ethernetswitches 5000

Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series

Designed for enterprise data center, wiring closet and small core applications, this versatile family of stackable Ethernet switches offers high levels of performance and a range of advanced capabilities. Features include an industry-leading resilient stacking capacity, advanced routing, QoS, convergence, and security capabilities. Support for Switch Clustering in small networks is also available.

The Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series includes the original 5500 models and the new 5600 models; all are fully Stack-compatible offering both excellent investment protection and a straightforward way to accessing the latest and greatest hardware. This product line features the Industry’s leading resilient Stacking solution—Avaya Stackable Chassis—and can boast to be the only product to pass the Terabit barrier for Stacking capacity.

Features and Benefits

Improve application responsiveness
The 5000 Series features high-performance virtual hot-swap capability with industry-leading capacity to enhance and optimize application responsiveness.

Get the performance you need
This highly versatile family of switches has models to suit a variety of advanced enterprise requirements, including switch cluster, horizontal stacking and aggregation.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership
By delivering the best price per port for high-performance Gigabit Ethernet, the 5000 Series offers a lower total cost of ownership.

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ethernetswitches 8000

Ethernet Routing Switch 8000 Series

The Ethernet Routing Switch 8000 Series is a broad collection of systems that deliver always-on networking and high-density Ethernet connectivity. Supporting hot-swappable modules, redundant fans, and power supplies, Ethernet Routing Switch 8000 Series systems are highly resilient individually. The systems are typically deployed in Switch Clusters to deliver true end-to-end reliability and always-on application access. Available in a wide range of models, these systems are specifically designed to address the critical enterprise requirements of reliability, efficiency, and scalability.

Our flagship Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 is a key component of the Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (VENA), supporting full-featured network virtualization capabilities for campus cores and data center applications.

Features and Benefits

Fully-featured network virtualization
Supporting the Avaya VENA Fabric Connect solution enables the Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 to deliver full-featured network virtualization capabilities that extend from the data center to the campus core. This allows enterprises to improve the delivery of always-on content and simplify the deployment of cloud-based services.

Improve resilience and security
The Ethernet Routing Switch 8000 Series features the Avaya VENA Switch Clustering capability, creating a virtualized core and delivering simple, continuous resiliency and true end-to-end availability. These features enable the use of all links and resources.

Deploy the type of virtualization you need
Whether you are deploying a fully virtualized data center or looking to support a multi-tenant environment, the Ethernet Routing Switch 8000 Series offers a full suite of standards-based solutions, so you can deploy the virtualization solution that’s right for your business.

Simplify network management
Our management framework is based on a set of common services and offers a single look and feel—to help avoid errors and reduce training requirements. It offers full management capabilities for your voice and data equipment and equally supports multi-vendor environments.

Scale wireless traffic with ease
The unique Avaya VENA Unified Access capability allows businesses to scale the rapidly growing demands of the wireless data plane independent to those of the wireless control plane—fully integrating wireless and wired infrastructures.

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