Secure, reliable and powerful

colocation services

Benefit from a cost-effective, scalable IP network all while improving your network performance by virtue of access to many or some of the largest IP backbones available.

reduce management costs

Having to build, secure and maintain your data can result in an enormous strain on capital expenditure.


disaster recovery & business continuity

From natural disasters to power outages there’s always the chance that an unanticipated event could impact your primary place of business.


security & data protection

Security is our priority, Vive offers a multi layered security scheme that starts with camera surveillance and includes biometrics and on-site security.


Reliability & uptime

With Vive you have the flexibility to choose the ideal configuration to match the needs of your company while maintaining carrier neutrality.


Increase Redundancy & Power Capacity

The strength of our colocation hosting is built upon a framework of high density power which addresses the challenges that most private data centers face when IT applications need to grow or upgrade. Vive’s facilities provide a greater ratio of power per square foot than private data centers. 

This edge on power ratio allows companies the freedom and creativity to move into a schema of virtualization and high density computing.

An additional benefit of Vive’s colocation hosting is that it is designed to secure stable uninterrupted power to your equipment.

Our service level agreements are the backbone of our continued support to our customers while setting and exceeding expectations.

Robust, Affordable Bandwidth

Complex applications and cloud computing demand bandwidth that meets stringent requirements. This lends itself directly to colocation as it becomes the easy choice for an economical solution.

With Vive you can benefit from a cost-effective, scalable IP network all while improving your network performance by virtue of access to many or some of the largest IP backbones available.

Instead of sinking money into the ongoing cost accrued by the physical equipment needed for HVAC, UPS or backup generators your company can leverage Vives colocation hosting to meet the changing demands of your data center environment in a way that is scalable according to your companies needs

24/7 Local Support

Vive can also troubleshoot or assist locally with your IT infrastructure. Within the confides of Vive’s colocation your IT team has the option of maintaining their own equipment or leveraging Vive’s supplementary remote service to support maintenance of servers and ancillary equipment.

Our engineers are available 24/7 for the demands of your company.  Uptime is certainly important for companies and this is often expensive and burdensome to maintain in a private data center habitat.  Our network configuration is built upon the inherent demands of reliability and availability.

Move forward at a pace that's comfortable for you.  Optimize your setup and save money at the same time.  Let Vive show you the way.

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