Unify on-site deployments with the cloud and syncronize your business solution to drive your business ahead

Incorporate the best of both realms

You’re committed to the current functionality and influence of your on-site phone system. Still you’re intrigued by the focused simplicity and redundancy that comes with a managed cloud service.

Luckily you can choose both, with a Vive hybrid solution. You’ll benefit from the security, redundancy and flexibility of a strategic unified deployment.

The Best solution is one that fits you

A variant of the cloud model is the Vive hybrid PBX, whereby an organization uses all the benefits of cloud services while still leveraging their physical hardware on-site. Hybrid solutions can be delivered by virtue of SIP trunking in combination with a robust suite of network hardware to facilitate a seamless experience.

Organizational flexibility is often the driving force behind the selection of a hybrid PBX solution. The cost efficiences of being able to access only the applications your organization needs makes all the difference.

EXPLOIT the unified communications of the cloud

Dont let widespread geographic locations hinder the way you collaborate with employees at other locations and across the country. Companies can realize increased value and functionality by utilizing the cloud based delivery of unified communications to smart phones and tablets.  

One of the greatest benefits of a cloud based deployment is the abilty to access corporate data and collaboration tools anytime and anywhere.  With cloud based visibility agents are never left without additional organizational resources whom they can collaborate with should a customer issue arise. 

Expand Locations and support a growing workforce

Gain immediate flexibility and manage all of your sites locations under the cloud infrastructure. By utilizing a hybrid solution there is no need to replace existing on-site hardware instead organizations can scale at a pace that makes sense and ultimately migrate the entirity of their solution to the cloud.

The Vive team takes a proactive approach to any potential security and privacy concerns through our Managed services ensuring peak performance and delivering an unparalleled experience day in and day out.

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From small to mid-sized business we can scale to meet your needs

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