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VIVE is a premiere technology solutions provider; designing, implementing and maintaining powerfully converged communications networks for small to mid-sized businesses nationwide

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Design, Develop & Deploy

From the outset we’ll work with your company to identify all the challenges and requirements related to your daily workflow.  These procedures shape the design process and streamline deployment towards meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations all while remaining on-budget and within the time scope of the project.

Implement & Instruct

Vive will ensure a clean and thorough integration of your new technical infrastructure and provide a complete instructional layout of the implementation process.  The walk through will spotlight the strengths and weaknesses of your company and focus on the touch points set up to address these in order to cultivate the confidence essential to embracing new technology.

Support & Nurture

Any perceived degradation by virtue of a technology upgrade is monitored closely and addressed with specific attention to detail according to the customers needs.  Vive is there to address any issues relating to architecture and / or technology design and will work with employees until they have acheived the necessary facility to maximize their setup.

Utilize a Multi – Media Approach

Remove traditional forms of dialtone and replace them with Vive SIP service.
Older phone systems are rooted in old technology and by default are bound to the limitations and constraints that drive up the overall costs. The restrictions inherent in your current infrastructure can be reshaped by virtue of a SIP conversion.  Retain all the functionality you’ve grown accustomed to and open up a new realm of possibility.

Recent News

Please check out the recent news items below to learn more about Vive’s services and solutions.
Vive’s team of engineers are positioned to leverage their skill sets to create a custom Managed Services solution that fits your company’s needs.

We specialize in flexible, industry leading reliability with easy to manage phone systems all while providing end to end support.

Vive is able to apply our experience and colocation framework to provide backup for operating systems and virtualization alike. From small to SMB scale, Vive offers a full suite of solutions and services to support our customers.

A Global Leader

chooses Vive for voice and data network upgrade

Vive Completes 250 Agent Call Center

for NJ based propane firm

9 Advantages

of a cloud based phone system

Move forward at a pace that's comfortable for you.  Optimize your setup and save money at the same time.  Let Vive show you the way.

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