Lower cost, higher bandwidth


Software-Defined WAN provisions connectivity and services via the cloud thus removing potentially expensive routing hardware and increasing flexibility

decrease operational costs & iMPROVE RESOURCE USAGE

There’s no one size fits all solutions when it comes down to an SD Wan solution. At Vive we have refined our SD Wan offering to embrace the subtle nuances between businessess both large and small.

Our systematic appraoch is built upon years of experience in the space and an engineering team equipped to support the best in class solution.


In order to leverage lower cost, higher bandwidth intenet access dynamic edge devices are needed to secure and prioritize traffic. Traditional carriers are no longer supporting the bandwidth needs of midsized business.

A Vive SD-Wan solution allows network administrators the flexibility to ensure performance across critical apps and the power to utlize bandwidth as they see fit.

Integrated security features

With incresing news coverage about large scale hacks at regular intervals, it’s no big surprise why organizatons are apprehensive about the security of their WAN.

The expansion in web innovation has opened up the likelihood for assaults across your network. This is a noteworthy snag for some business purveyors who are worried about securing their information in this growing and advancing climate, all while staying aware of customer demands.

With SD-WAN you can expand your system security while taking care of customer demands and cutting your operational costs.

Segment Your Network

In a perfect world you could prevent a hack from ever happening but the reality paints a much darker picture. By segmenting your WAN, SD technology makes it possible to minimize the damaged area, immediately identifying the core issue and providing prompt resolution.

By portioning your WAN, SD innovation makes it conceivable to restrict the harm done by an assault to a sensible territory, quickly cautioning you to the issue with the end goal of getting your group back on track. With engrained short overs, a considerable measure of system impasses can be settled without your purchasers consistently seeing something turning out badly.

Feature index
SD-WAN Explained
Full Mesh Technology
If the system detects a problem it invokes an algorithm to ensure the network stays up and is using the best routes.
MPLS Replacement
Co-mingling MPLS and SD-WAN causes huge deployment delays and downstream problems trying to marry legacy hardware with newer SDN virtualization.
Non-ISP Dependent
Our SD-WAN solution is patent pending and doesn’t depend on a single ISP, so you can connect locations anywhere in the world.
Secure Access from Anywhere
See real-time data from any location including reports from point of sale machines, security cameras, etc.

Move forward at a pace that's comfortable for you.  Optimize your setup and save money at the same time.  Let Vive show you the way.

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