Keep business-critical information backed up in Vive’s private cloud with a failover service that will ensure your day to day operations are not hindered in any way


Let Vive manage all your hardware and software in the cloud with our geo redundant data center providing an extra layer of security and redundancy to ensure business remains operational at all times.  By featuring Vive hosted phone systems you can scale your business at a pace that suits your company. Enjoy incredible cost savings by eliminating unused phone lines and obsolete hardware all while simplifying and streamlining daily operations . Employees can enjoy all of the same functionality that they have come accustomed to whether they’re on the road, at home or working in the office.

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Robust security with all the flexibility that the cloud offers

The security of SIP/VoIP connectivity is key to a successful SIP-based communications deployment. Data network firewalls protect a variety of traffic types but are not ‘application-aware’. Current industry best practice for securing SIP-based communications is the deployment of a Session Border Controller (SBC) at the edge of the network.

Empower your employees


Disaster Recovery
Network failure, weather related incidents or malware attacks are a just a few of the disruptions a business can face.  A Hosted VoIP phone system is the step in the right direction for businesses to avoid catastrophe.
By exploiting a hosted conference bridge, such as the Vive Cloud you can get all the power, redundancy, features and service that would be exorbitant if brought in-house.
Ensuring a high standard is extremely important when you want to deliver quality customer service. Software for call center management provides solutions that can be used to significantly improve the performance of employees.
Web, Audio & Video Collaboration
It’s important for companies to adopt modern work practices and technologies that help co-workers, wherever they may be, share their work in a simple and efficient way. This is where a good online collaboration tool comes in.
Call Center & Call Recording
Business continuity distinguishes cloud-based contact centers from on-premise based solutions, which are prone to hardware failures that result in down-times.
Mobile Apps & Softphones
Instead of using a cell phone, the software ‘turns’ your computer into a phone. Some VoIP providers have partnerships with other companies that create proprietary mobile VoIP apps, which you can then use with the first company’s VoIP service
Music or Messaging on Hold
Combining speech and music in a custom on-hold service or on-hold message provides all the things needed for customer satisfaction with very few drawbacks.
Online Admin Portal
Modifications and program editing can be very time consuming, so just by provider and access anywhere approach you can mitigate potential lull times.
Voicemail to Text Transcription
With voice mail transcription, you don’t have to call your voice mail and you don’t have to open the .wav file. You open your email, read your voice mail and decide what action you want to take next.

Focused Security & Resiliency

Similar to traditional, with a hosted phone system your company doesn’t share the phone system with thousands of other companies. The service is dedicated to your company only, this provides a more secure and reliable solution for your business. Dedicated and secure dial tone paths with quality of service promoting the call quality experience you are accustomed to with on premise solutions. Over the past decade Vive has refined and perfected the idea of the cloud network.

Why go hosted?

Your company can now simplify the everyday administrative tasks with exclusive user management tools.  When you need new applications for call accounting, call recording, or call metrics the Private Voice Cloud can easily integrate that functionality into your current integration, saving thousands in deployment costs and potential downtime.

Hosted Phone Systems that Scale at the pace of your business

The flexibility that is inherent in our cloud solution allows customers to allocate their resources internally providing incredible cost savings when coupled with Vive’s Managed Services. Vive pairs on-site or virtualized servers with backup cloud hosting to deliver the most secure and redundant solution in the industry.  With the Voice and Data cloud, our customers data remains in the same format as the productivity applications they already accustomed to using.  There is no application re-training, and no proprietary data formats to “lock in” the end-user.

Manage your business, not your communications systems.

SIP is an extremely versatile form of telephony. You can easily manipulate outbound numbers, so if you are moving an office and wish to keep your existing telephone numbers this is ideal.  SIP allows for the setting up of multiple geographic numbers, routed to the same location. You can set up Non-Geographic numbering easily as well, including a series of Non-Geographic numbers for those companies wishing to have a city based presence. Calls from a mobile phone can display a specific number, regardless of the user’s location.


We feature the best available vendor applications and technology to compliment Vive Cloud services and UC solutions subscribed as a monthly service. These services are delivered from the vendor’s secure data centers and Vive takes responsibility for owning, configuring and managing them. Businesses connect to these communications services and applications through the Internet or private connections – most importantly the benefits of the cloud model are secure and resilient.
Engagement Solutions


Advanced Mobility
Web Collaboration, Web Portal, Mobility, IM & Presence, Messaging, VOIP  and presence using Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G
Business Cloud Redundancy
Fully redundant data storage and routine back-up disaster recovery protection VoIP benefits such as free inter-site calls, virtual agents and centralized voicemail
Affordable Flexibility
Support steady growth or seasonal spikes, while mitigating both financial and technical risks while leveraging cloud technologies to deploy the right solutions
Focused Simplicity
Cloud telephony requires no on-site equipment. Cloud phone service enables you to focus on what really matters: satisfying customers and increasing sales
Grow together with Vive – We will work with your company to determine which cloud utilization model that is the best fit for your environment. Reduce server costs today by developing a disaster recovery plan virtualized with the Vive cloud infrastructure.

Move forward at a pace that's comfortable for you.  Optimize your setup and save money at the same time.  Let Vive show you the way.

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