Vive Completes 250 Agent Call Center for NJ Based Propane Company

October, 2017
Call Center VM Ware Server Edition

Call Center Invigorated by Multi-Media Approach

When your business is open 24 hours 7 days a week and you handle thousands of customer calls daily from all over the country you rely on a proven business partner and manufacturer to deliver the right Multi-Media Call Center. After a very thorough review of many different Call Center offerings this utility chose Vive Communications to provide, implement and service the Avaya IP Office Server Edition Select with Avaya Contact Center Software. Working with 250 agents over multiple daily shifts, different seasonal objectives and a multitude of inquiry types it was apparent and a requirement that this center utilize applications to help manage and exceed customer expectations.
A look inside the Call Center
Photograph via DJI Phantom 4
Vive recommended and implemented the Avaya Work Force Management and Work Force Optimization solutions (Teleopti and KnoahSoft) to provide call recording, coach and learn functionality, analytics, forecasting, agent scheduling, intraday management and reporting. In today’s Contact Center the customers are dictating the functionality. Voice is no longer enough, customers want options to communicate whether that’s still voice, email and/or chat.

“Vive strategized a start to finish solution that embodied exactly what we were looking for”

With the Avaya ACCS solution the client was able to institute a Multi-Media approach offering customers to make requests via a phone call, email or chat. These features reduced queue waiting times and increased customer satisfaction almost immediately.
Project minimized ROI time due to pre sales design
Photograph courtesy of Avaya
At the core the Avaya Server Edition Select running on the customers’ VMWare locally and in a data center provided the redundancy they needed to ensure 100% uptime. Removing traditional forms of dial tone with Vive SIP to provide an easy way to add and remove trunks during the seasonal changes proved to be one of the key factors in the decision. The project showed an ROI of less than 2 years which was due in part to a detailed pre-sale Vive consultation and evaluation of the clients existing solutions and costs. The entire solution will be supported directly by Vive under their Managed Services platform.

SIP Trunks Solidify Vive’s 105 Location IP Office Deployment for Nationwide Utility

With multiple customer service centers each taking on hundreds of calls daily, Avaya IP Office R9.1 with Xima Contact Center software was the perfect fit…

Unified Communications Benefits by Virtue of Hybrid Solution

When it came time to update traditional forms of communication and reduce costs derived from obsolete delivery methods of dial tone, Vive answered the call for a nationwide cabling manufacturer.

Xima Platinum Status Awarded to Vive Communications

The beat goes on! After another strong year of Xima solution sales Vive has been awarded the top Xima Platinum Partner status from XIMA. The Xima Platinum status signifies the commitment Vive and Xima…

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