The Cloud Well Suited for Local 60 User Mortgage Company in MA

May, 2017

Exponential Benefits of the Cloud

In the era of the Cloud customers are keying on cost effective ways to have built in redundancy/failover, system management and speedy deployments for their voice and data networks.

Just as important they want to maintain the call quality that they have been accustomed to with on premise solutions. Call quality and network upgrades were the areas of need for this client.

Vive Private Cloud Solution
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Vive’s Private Cloud was the answer. Avaya IP Office Server Edition Virtualized with Vive SIP trunks in Vive’s COLO connected via MPLS/QOS to secondary Avaya SE Virtual image at the customer premise ensured the call quality that was lacking from the previous provider based shared Cloud solution. All the Private Cloud benefits without the issues of sharing a phone system with thousands of other clients.
“By leveraging the cloud Vive was able to give the control back to us”
The client was also in need of server upgrades, network switch upgrades, improved data backup solution and an improvement from their existing Managed Services provider. Vive provided and installed a Dell Server with VMWare in the Vive COLO along with Barracuda data backup devices installed locally and in the Vive COLO.
Call Quality Optimized
Photograph courtesy of Vive
This gave control back to the client and a piece of mind as to where their data was actually being stored. All network switching was upgraded to Avaya/Extreme’s fabric solution. Vive’s Managed Service solution saved the client 40% from the existing Managed Service Provider while providing additional services that weren’t available in the previous plan.

With their growing need to service customers with an increased personal touch and accuracy Vive will be implementing a Call Center software package as a Phase 2 project.

Private Cloud Well Suited for Local 60 User Mortgage Company in MA

In the era of the Cloud customers are keying on cost effective ways to have built in redundancy/fail-over, system management and speedy deployments…

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