Partner Phones and Classic Avaya

avaya acs partner phonesPARTNER® Advanced Communications System
The PARTNER® Advanced Communications System processor module supports five incoming lines and nine extensions with a maximum configuration of 21 lines and 44 extensions, or 31 lines and eight extensions. The processor module can operate on its own or can be used with a 2- or 5-slot carrier and additional expansion modules. Expansion modules can be used to add lines and extensions to the system, or additional capabilities such as voice messaging and fractional T1 support.


merlinmagixMerlin Equipment
Designed for small and mid-sized offices, Avaya’s Merlin Magix can help build customer loyalty and repeat business by making your employees and support systems more accessible. Magix has more than 150 built-in call-processing functions that can get your inbound calls to the right person the first time, whether they are at their desk, down the hall, at or headed to an off-site meeting. Should the right person be unavailable, the Magix voicemail system can record a message and notify the employee by cell phone, pager, or email.


spiritSpirit Equipment
Spirit Telephones and telephone systems are perfect for a small company that has needs of a basic telephone system. Spirit Telephone Systems are solid reliable systems with the features a growing business needs at great low cost solution. At&t Spirit Telephones are very simple, they come in the colors black or white and also come with 24 or 6 buttons. The Spirit Telephone systems allows you to grow your system when your business grows. Start the At&t Spirit Telephone systems 1224, 2448 with 4 lines and 8 extensions and as your company grows let your Avaya At&t Spirit Telephone systems 1224, 2448 grow with your company.


legendMerlin Legend Equipment
The Merlin Legend communications System is an advanced digital switching system that integrates voice and data communications features. The system’s power and versatility is due in part to its many options and features. Easy integration of audix and intuity voice mail and call accounting features make this the most advanced communications solution for your business. This flexible modular system is easy to install, maintain, use, and adapt. ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI)) trunks carry today’s voice traffic at less cost — and with greater reliability than ever before. As your business grows, the system can grow with it, expanding up to 80 telephone lines and 200 telephones to meet changing business needs. This system supports an array of information tools to help you handle calls more efficiently to boost employee productivity and caller satisfaction.


magixMerlin Magix Equipment
The Merlin Magix Integrated system is the next evolutionary step from the Merlin Legend system. You get the same expansion to 80 lines and 200 extensions. You get the same access to call centers, messaging, networking and Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI). But the Merlin Magix system adds the new 4400 series telephones. And it adds the decisive advantage of the Merlin Magix Integrated Network Access (INA) module.

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