5 Discerning Facts About SIP Trunking

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Most companies have don’t understand the ins and outs of their phone system. They just except it’s a vital part of their business without which they can’t survive.  Little do they know all companies can benefit by learning about the incredible upside potential embedded in SIP technology.  Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is a technology that is here to stay.  As corporations drift away from the limitations of analog based hardware and their physical infrastructure even a basic understanding of #SIPTrunking can save any business a ton of money.

Wherein old school telephony technology requires physically connecting wires to integrate the phones with the phone system SIP uses an IP connection offering up an entire new realm of possibility to small and enterprise size businesses alike. Some recent surveys show the incredible growth potential in the SIP trunking market space. SIP trunking will no doubt become the default connection between phones whether they are hosted in the cloud or reside on premise. In this article we’ll talk explore the 5 discerning facts about SIP trunking and the way they will change the way you do business forever.

SIP trunking
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5 Discerning Facts About SIP Trunking

  1) SIP saves money and time Right out of the gate companies are going to see the immediate financial savings after switching to SIP.  Our clients have been able to save upward to 60% off of their existing phone bills.  If you don’t believe us we will give you a free dial tone analysis to showcase all the potential money saving opportunities with your current setup. In technological speak SIP eliminates the need for separate voice and data connections. This is no small task as countless companies are invested in a data plan that doesn’t even begin to reach its capacity.  Even companies with multiple locations can leverage a single SIP connection residing at one location thus eliminating unwanted, unneeded and unused infrastructure.  Why pay for voice lines you don’t use, don’t need or don’t even know you have? Time saving comes by the ease of use inherent in the virtuality of Vive SIP trunks, no longer will you have to wait for a technician on-site to troubleshoot an issue with the convenience of remote support available to you at any hour.  Also the time management saved by the ease of configuration options and scalability additionally provide the catalyst to save countless dollars. 2) SIP is easy to scale Any business must be able to accommodate the bandwidth demands of customers during the influx of high volume.  With SIP trunk functionality, capacity can flex to manage excess spikes in bandwidth.  Companies are not forced to purchase at max capacity to support the busy season but instead can increase or reduce their SIP trunking capacity in accordance with their real time needs.  This is incredibly empowering for business owners and is a major reason companies are transitioning to SIP. 3) SIP is ideal for disaster recovery and business continuity. The ability to divert calls is a must have for certain companies.  No matter how well equipped you may be to avoid a catastrophe the reality is they could strike at any moment.  In the event of a power outage calls could be routed to any of number of potential options, we leverage our Geo-redundant call center for use as a fail over in these types of situations.  The potential loss created by having a node down can cripple a business, so can waiting for your service provider to resolve or even troubleshoot the issue.  The immediacy of our Geo redundant solution is a sure fire way to ensure business continuity. 4) SIP trunks work with your existing equipment Most likely your current phone system can support SIP trunks in lieu of outdated analog lines.  This will allow you to expand your current technological capabilities with the flexibility to scale and grow as needed.  By making a minimal investment companies are quickly able to compile a better understanding of how their internal systems function.  Protect your investments with strategic planning. 5) SIP is safe and secure In today’s digital sphere cyber crime is a constant threat.  SIP trunks minimize this threat.  SIP trunking only provides for transmission of the information you want to send and receive and therefore is not a vulnerability to network security as it is controlled by a two way gateway to the PSTN.  Any IT expert knows that your network is only as secure as your weakest link and Vive engineers are well versed in network security too.

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In summary

Investing in SIP technology can provide incredible business advantages that before would not have been possible.  Only by understanding the demands of your business can you then be empowered to continue advancing your telephony capabilities and enjoy enterprise level features and high quality global connectivity. Go Live with Vive to learn more…
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