5 Perks of a Cloud Based Phone System

June, 2018




A Cloud Based Phone System Has Become the Norm

A clear communication channel with customers, prospects, vendors and partners is a critical component to success for any size business. If the demands of everyday workflow are becoming too much to manage for employees who do not have direct physical access to all their phone calls, text messages or emails while working remotely then opting for a cloud based solution makes a lot of sense.

A Cloud Based Phone System is flexible, cost effective, meets the demands of an ever changing workforce and free businesses of the limitations of their current physical infrastructure. Here are a few not so obvious ways that migrating to a Cloud Based Phone solution can help your business grow into the future.

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1.) It’s Economically Intelligent

It’s no mystery that every company is always looking for opportunities to cut costs. Traditional phone systems come with… well.. a lot of tradition. This means unnecessary contracts, ongoing maintenance costs and a huge upfront investment just to get up and running. With a Cloud Based Phone System you can take the pay as you go approach dependent upon the needs of your workforce and not be bound to features that quickly become obsolete.

Since there’s no physical infrastructure to maintain, conventional maintenance and upgrade costs will no longer put a dent in your bottom line. Vive can host, maintain and upgrade your phone systems in our geo-redundant data center while delivering dial tone via our SIP trunking technology. This will open up an entire new realm of possibilities.

“See how our Private Cloud Solution worked for a local mortgage company”

2.) No IT Team Needed

Physical Infrastructure takes constant monitoring and evaluation just to ensure that your communications backbone remains operational. When you subscribe to cloud based phone system you eliminate the on-site infrastructure and in turn free up internal resources to focus on what they do best.

Vive will support every aspect of your cloud based solution from start to finish as we are a full service solutions provider.

3.) Scale as Needed

Wherein the past the thought of having to deal with the phone vendor, the service provider and your IT staff just for a new employee would have made some companies reluctant to hire.  A wonderful benefit of a cloud based solution is that it can be easily scaled and managed to suit your companies ever changing needs.  Often times on premise phone systems are sold at MAX capacity so any seemingly simple modification can become anything but simple.  The flexibility and scalability of a cloud based solution is a major reason companies are making the transition to the cloud.


Cloud Based Phone Systems Feature List
Cloud Based Phone Systems Models
Experience the incredible ROI by migrating to the cloud

4.)  Access Anytime, Anywhere

With an internet connection you will have full access to all the functionality provided by your cloud based system.  For businesses that work from multiple locations or have numerous remote workers this is a complete game-changer.  Access your personal settings, explore company wide call activity or change your voicemail greeting on the fly.  Don’t worry… If you don’t have internet access we have a plan for that too.

With a new breed of mobile apps employees can collaborate on an entirely new level with access from their smartphone or tablet to the full array of features which used to require them sitting at their desk.  Imagine conference calls, text messages and collaboration all done in real time, whenever or wherever.

5.)  Gain a Competitive Advantage

When employees and IT staff alike are spending less time managing their phones there’s an increase in time added value.  Traditional phone systems are slower and more time consuming to maintain, a cloud based phone system optimizes output and streamlines workflow like never before.

With greater flexibility, greater control and a lower total cost of operation businesses of any size will appreciate the possibilities inherent in a cloud based phone system.

Go live with Vive today and see how we can help transform your business. Explore even more advantages of a cloud based phone system.

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